McGruff Smartphone ID Kit


Introducing! The McGruff Smartphone ID Kit

A NEW & IMPROVED digitally fun way to family safety

Officially licensed in 1992 by the National Crime Prevention Council, this guidebook has helped millions of kids learn how to be safe on the streets and online over the past 30 years! The McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit has become a law enforcement classic. Our products are continually updated and innovative so that you will receive the best and more useful information from McGruff Safe Kids. Our content is researched and scrutinized by a variety of different resources and finally has the approval of the National Crime Prevention Council to give you the utmost confidence in this and any McGruff Safe Kids-developed product.

Quantity Price Per Kit Cost
5,000 $0.89 $4,450.00
2,500 $0.94 $2,350.00
1,000 $0.99 $990.00
500 $1.05 $525.00
250 $1.10 $275.00
No imprinting for quantities below 250
200 $1.50 $300.00
100 $1.60 $160.00
50 $2.75 $134.50
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How McGruff Smartphone ID Kit Works:

The content of this ID kit is designed to be used in an interactive way with your child and provide a comprehensive ID packet for your children.

  1. Take your child’s fingerprints with the McGruff Smartphone ID Card
  2. Capture your child’s DNA with the McGruff DNA Collection Kit
  3. Take a photo of the completed McGruff Smartphone ID Card with your smartphone.
  4. Share the completed ID Card via email or print with trusted caregivers and family sothat they will have your child’s ID information
  5. Set your smartphone “Notification” App to remind you to update your child’s digital ID every six months

You will have a comprehensive, up-to-date electronic ID Kit for you and your family.

Tips to Keeping Your Children Safe

  • Prevent/deal with bullying situations
  • Internet/Social Media tips
  • Cell phone safety tips
  • Learn how to use 9-1-1 properly
  • An interactive “What if…”teaching tool
  • and lastly, a section on, what you should do if your child is missing

Sit down and discuss these safety tips a little at a time. Keep rules simple to match your child’s level of maturity. Take advantage of teachable moments. Invite them to share their fears, so you can ease their concerns. Most of all, remind them that they can always come to you no matter what happens or who is involved. Tell them you will always be there for them.