McGruff the Crime Dog® Costume


Robotronics introduces the McGruff® the Crime Dog costume. He appeals to all ages, with his message of crime prevention. The McGruff® costume can be used in a variety of settings with great success; in school classrooms, mall exhibits, station tours, state and local fairs, or to present crime prevention awards. Let McGruff® help you present your crime prevention messages in your community.

McGruff’s® image appears in national ads as the symbol of crime prevention. This makes him the perfect advocate for your department. He is already known and loved by millions of children and adults as a friend and a teacher. He is an excellent addition to any crime prevention program. The McGruff® costume is the perfect way to start or continue with the national McGruff® “Take a Bite out of Crime” campaign.



The McGruff® costume features many new and innovative functions that greatly increase the versatility of your presentation.

Better Vision
The new costume allows the wearer to see better out of the eyes, nose and the mouth, allowing you to see small children approaching. The screened eye material allows air to pass through the eyes and does not cloud up. The mouth is also screened so that the wearer cannot be seen from the outside and is protected from children’s hands.

Better Cooling
Improved thermal design allows airflow to follow a natural path up and out to aid in cooling. Air is pulled gently around the face, not blown directly into eyes and nose. Cooling fan is cushioned in sound deadening foam for quieter operation. The high efficiency fan draws less battery power due to more effective air flow.

Improved Look
The McGruff® costume has a friendlier “look”. He looks happy and alert. McGruff® has a lower jaw for a realistic finished look. He now has a textured more realistic looking nose. New standardized trench coat with removable liner is available in coat sizes from 40-52 (Standard size 46), along with new Official McGruff® plaid trousers in a modern pattern.

Costume Design
Integrated helmet design has a chinstrap for security and comfort. The paws extend to the elbows for a better fit. Elastic has been placed in the wrist and sleeves for security. Hearing is improved and sound enters through mouth, nose and eyes. Molded plastic head allows for uniform shape and added strength. The trousers have an adjustable hem and elastic waistband. One size fits most.

Each costume is quality inspected and built to the highest standards.