“While some people try to make the streets safe for kids, we teach kids how to be safe on the streets.”
– Kurt Boerner, Founder of McGruff Safe Kids

McGruff Kits, LLC dba McGruff Safe Kids, in its 30 years of experience, has chosen to work on projects that advance American society through creating socially responsible communications materials for American companies and the American consumer. In 1992 we were invited by the National Crime Prevention Council to become a licensee of the McGruff the Crime Dog® licensing program.

We continually update our products lines so that our products deliver THE most up-to-date safety and crime prevention information so that you have a trusted source to turn to when you reach out to the community through s safe kid’s event.

Third-party recognition has been the cornerstone of our success. Our efforts are recognized by outside groups; such as; law enforcement agencies, socially responsible businesses, community groups and parents of young children.

The McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit is more than three decades old.  It has become a classic in the realm of child safety/educational products, thanks to the power of McGruff the Crime Dog. The kit’s success hinges on its soft creative approach to a frightening parental concern. In addition to the fingerprint ink, the kit contains safety rules for parents and children and a section on DNA collection. Instructive material is presented within a non-threatening, game-like framework. The most important objective attained by McGruff Safe Kids ID kit is to prepare children to play and live safely.


Design Methodology

  • Create positive interaction between parents and children while working together on non-threatening educational information about important social topics.
  • Create a piece that is interesting and intriguing enough so that the child would “play” with the kit during his/her playtime and further reinforce the educational message their parents have begun.
  • Provide a section for interactivity between the child and the educational piece.
  • Encourage parents to read to and be positively involved with their children.
  • Encourage a strong, positive experience between law enforcement personnel and other responsible adults and children.


If you have any additional questions related to McGruff Safe Kids’ commitment to responsibility and design methodology that aren’t answered here, please consider contacting us.