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NEW & IMPROVED McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit
A fun way to family safety

McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit – for 2010 and beyond. Officially licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council, home of McGruff the Crime Dog, the McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit includes a personal record card with child-safe fingerprint ink applied using a unique proprietary process. Updated in 2010, the kit includes engaging, interactive personal safety tips for parents and children, a child ID profile, PLUS instructions for capturing and storing your child’s DNA, 9-1-1 info, and an Internet safety section, even advice on social networking.

The twelve-page guidebook is proven to help kids learn how to be safe on the streets and online. With instructions for parents and children, games that reinforce Mom and Dad’s safety messages, a special McGruff the Crime Dog tear-off card and much more.

It has been completely updated to help kids stay safe in today’s world, with new information including:

  • Internet safety tips
  • Anti-bullying strategies
  • Social networking guidelines
  • Updated home security tips
  • Games to reinforce sound safety messages
  • A way to instantly create a child’s personal identity profile, complete with fingerprints

This fingerprint and child identification program is officially licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council.

McGruff the Crime Dog‚ Known and Respected Across America

Key findings excerpted from an independent study conducted by Harris Interactive:

  • Children are very likely to listen to McGruff’s advice. Eight in ten (80%) acknowledge that they would be “likely”, “very likely”, or “extremely likely” to listen to his advice on important crime prevention (safety) issues
  • McGruff is a widely recognized figure among adults. Nearly three-quarters (73%) recognize him simply by looking at his image. More than nine in ten (94%) know him once his name is mentioned.

NEW & IMPROVED McGruff Safe Kids Identification Pricing:

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